Original Bobby Backpack: Something So Cute is So Tough

/Original Bobby Backpack: Something So Cute is So Tough

Original Bobby Backpack: Something So Cute is So Tough

A Colorful Array of Anti-theft Backpacks with a Strong Pedigree

The Product

The original Bobby Anti-theft backpack by XD Design is a compact, lightweight, and very tough anti-theft backpack in a minimalist package. It’s got a good range of features under its inconspicuous surface.

Materials and Highlights

  • Dimensions: 17.7 x 17.7 x 7.1 inches
  • Fits a 14” laptop and a 9” tablet (though some listings report it holds up to a 15″-plus laptop or 10″ tablet)
  • Water repellant and cut-proof fabric
  • Slash-proof design, hidden zipper, and secret pockets
  • Integrated USB Charging port
  • Shockproof storage design
  • Illuminating safety strips
  • Comes in a few generally cute colors, ranging from simply gray and black to pastel, so it’s basically gender-neutral

Simply Safe Checklist

Water resistance
RFID blocking

Thief Frustration Meter

Bag Slasher
Snatch Thief
Electronic Thief

Fashion Meter (1 to 3)



This innovative backpack was created to protect your goods while traveling through areas with frequent pick-pocketing theft. According to XD Design, over 400,000 pickpocket incidents happen each day. From visiting tourist attractions to commuting to work, The Original Bobby promises to keep your belongings out of reach from thieves. This design is the original in the line, however XD Design has created multiple versions of The Original with different features. The Original Bobby caters to a problem tourists and locals alike have encountered.

Main Features

The basic concept for this backpack is to store your stuff comfortably while also providing extra security and protection. Additionally, it offers an integrated USB charging port and illuminating safety strips for visibility. In terms of preventing theft, the fabric is cut-proof and includes hidden zippers, seriously limiting access to the inside. There are no exposed pockets for you to put valuables in and therefore have stolen. It is also reasonably spacious with sections padded especially for laptops and tablets. Your technology is safe from prying fingers and from a rocky ride. Like traditional Dutch designs, The Original Bobby is exceptionally minimalist in style and aesthetic. Its attractive appearance is major selling feature.


Ask anyone who uses a backpack every day- strained shoulders is a problem. According to most users, The Original Bobby is comfortable and strain-free, likely due to its ergonomic design. The weight balance is distributed evenly across your back, limiting the pressure on your shoulders. Secondly, since there are compartments for each thing you pack, you likely won’t have items sitting lose in the backpack jostling around. This feature is perfect for those who like to be organized and keep every item in a designated spot. Plus, the attached USB port is unique and convenient to charge your phone on the go (although it does not come with a portable charging block). Being able to charge your phone on the go is a life saver for busy people.

The Original Bobby surpasses its competitors in the technology storage category because most laptop bags do not offer anti-theft features. This backpack protects your technology with excess padding and straps; the material is water resistant, and the only way to access your contents is through the hidden zippers. The most popular feature of this backpack is its cut-proof fabric technology. User upon user has tested this claim- many on YouTube- and it is clearly very difficult to puncture this bag. By the time a thief manages to stab and cut hard enough multiple times, you will have noticed what they are doing. Plus, according to Crime Stoppers UK, since more people carry smart phones, tablets, and other technology with them daily, the amount of theft has increased. The Original Bobby tackles that issue by offering extra support and protection for your devices.

How it Stacks Up

The Original Bobby does have some competition in the market. Loctote Industrial Bag Co. has what is now quite a well known drawstring bag, the Flak Sack, which features a lockable strap, drawstring closure, and strong fabric. However, the structure is not as rigid as the Bobby. It’s tough though, and offers greater flexibility. It does, however, have very little padding and few compartments. The design is better suited as a beach or perhaps gym bag, or for other casual purposes.

Another option for consumers is the Lifepack, which includes a portable solar panel that charges your cellphone and laptop on the go. However, in terms of security, it only provides a cord to lock the exterior zippers together preventing them from being opened. Any pick-pocketer with a blade can discreetly cut into the fabric and sneak out the contents. Not to mention the Lifepack is also twice the price of The Original Bobby.

A third competitor to XD Design’s bag is the Korin Design ClickPack Pro which has many of The Bobby’s design features, but insists you lock your bag every time you go out with it. There is no ease of access in this bag. Sure, it has a USB port just like The Bobby, but rather than using hidden zippers and cut-proof material, it has locks. Not to mention that this option is also more expensive than The Bobby. It is, however, a tick more stylish, that I cannot deny; still worth checking out. However, as travelers, we want security for our belongings, but we also require convenience and ease of access when we want our items.


The main criticism XD Design has received for The Original Bobby is that it was too small to carry extra items. So, XD Design released The Bobby Bizz which has larger dimensions than The Original Bobby. It’s focused more on people who carry a lot of stuff in their briefcase/bag to work and want the theft protection during their commute. The Original Bobby is great for the daily technology and personal items you take with you everywhere, and for day excursions while traveling.

The Skinny

The Original Bobby by XD Design is the leading travel backpack in the market that goes above and beyond to protect your technology from theft as well as your other personal belongings. It’s comfortability, durability, and anti-theft features make it a prime option for wearing on your commute to work or through busy tourist attractions.

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