Loctote Flak Sack: Tough, Cool, and Charmingly Kinda Ugly

/Loctote Flak Sack: Tough, Cool, and Charmingly Kinda Ugly

Loctote Flak Sack: Tough, Cool, and Charmingly Kinda Ugly

The Leader in All-purpose Anti-theft Carry-alls

The Product

The Loctote Flak Sack is an original in form, fashion, and rugged utility. This drawstring bag makes no attempt to be cute or pretty. It’s a tough-as-nails gray sacks you can’t slice through, and it will protect your stuff.

Materials and Highlights

  • Dimensions: around 1″ x 13.5″ x 18″, but tough to measure, because, well, it’s a sack
  • Made from High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE)
  • Cut-proof and tear-proof protection, and lockable
  • RFID blocking material
  • Pre-treated with industrial-grade water repellent

Simply Safe Checklist

Water resistance
RFID blocking

Thief Frustration Meter

Bag Slasher
Snatch Thief
Electronic Thief

Fashion Meter (1 to 3)



This innovative bag was created by the start-up Loctote Industrial Bags as a response to the high frequency of pick-pocketing thefts that occur when on vacation. Imagine going for a dip in the ocean but having to leave your belongings vulnerable on the sand. Enter The Flak Sack, which can be locked shut to any object, has cut-proof fabric, and even RFID blocking technology. The Flak Sak is the first in the line from Loctote, and there have been two newer additions with added features. Its unique design of being a drawstring style backpack has won over many travelers looking to keep their belongings safe but also convenient to access when they need them. The appearance on Shark Tank didn’t hurt its publicity either.

Main Features

The Flak Sack is full of protective features. It’s made of slash-proof fabric, HMWPE, which prevents thieves from cutting it open to get your items. The fabric is reinforced with a double layer of the HMWPE as well as a water-resistant coating. Based on the construction of the bag, it’s clear that it was designed to withstand adventures when other bags would succumb to wear and tear.

Loctote-SimplySafeTravelA feature I love about the Flak Sack is the RFID blocking technology within the inside pocket of the bag. In a technologically advanced age, pickpockets don’t have to physically enter your bag to steal your possessions anymore. They can simply scan purses and bags for credit card information and steal your credit or even your identity. The inside pocket has a built in RFID shield which protects any credit cards within it from being scanned and scammed. This is especially beneficial when traveling through crowded streets or event the airport; thieves can subtly scan your bag while standing right beside you and you wouldn’t know until it is too late. RFID blocking technology in The Flak Sack prevents that situation.

Additionally, The Flak Sack contains a fleece-lined pocket sized perfectly for your iPad mini or other small tech items. Not only do we want to keep our belongings safe from pick-pocketing, but protecting them for damage is crucial as well. The Flak Sack will keep your gadgets safe from theft, and protected from water damage.


Compared with other bags on the market, the Flak Sack is easily the most lightweight and ready to go. With no hard-to-access zippers, this bag is perfect for grab and go adventures. The uniqueness of this bag truly lies in its ease of use and protective features. You can enjoy your amazing trip without feeling weighed down by a massive backpack; simply pull open the drawstrings and access your essentials.

A unique feature is The Flak Sack’s solid brass lock and a steel locking strap for when you want to leave your bag safe and secure. Without some serious power tools, it’s basically impossible for a thief to break through this lock and reach your stuff. This concept is perfect for when you’re on an adventure. For example, you’re about to go zip lining through the Costa Rican jungle and obviously can’t take your bag with you during that ride. You can simply lock your Flak Sack to a secure object and it will be safe and untouched for when you return. It’s also great for locking up your stuff in your hotel room and latching it to a bedpost, or for tying to something sturdy at the beach when you go for a swim.

And we can’t overlook the very impressive videos aplenty that show people trying to cut through it with any manner of knives. It’s very very hard to do! Clearly the bag is more than adequate to deflect the slashes of your average Manila hoods.

How it Stacks Up

Other backpacks simply do not compare to the Flak Sack’s convenient size and weight. It’s easy to throw your stuff in, easy to lockup, and keep protected from tampering and cutting through.

Although it does not have the tech-organization compartments that the Bobby by XD Design has, this bag really isn’t for the traveler carrying a home office on their back. This backpack is clearly designed for the lighter, more spontaneous traveler. Plus, according to the U.S. Consulate Embassy in France, one way to prevent pick pocket theft from happening to you is to simply carry less stuff. Only bring the mare minimum essentials on your day trips to reduce your vulnerability to theft.

There are competitors in the market with bags similar in size and convenience, like the Fandare sling bag, but they don’t include the brass lock and steel strap for locking up your bag while you do something cool. What a relief it would be to go swimming at the beach and know your belongings are safely locked to the lifeguard’s deck.


The only weakness of the Flak Sack is that the shoulder straps are thin in width and could be painful on your shoulders if you carry anything heavy in it. As noted, this bag is not intended for lugging around laptops and books; it is made for carrying only what you need. For the average traveller that packs their wallet, phone, passport, and maybe an umbrella, The Flak Sack is more than capable of carrying the weight.Loctote-SimplySafeTravel

In terms of price, the Flak Sack is on the higher end of casual travel bags and totes. However, seeing as you get all these additional anti-theft features and protection, I believe it is completely worth the investment. You are also paying for the quality and durability of this bag which will likely last your whole trip.

The Skinny

The Flak Sack by Loctote is a unique, convenient, and secure way to protect your belongings when you travel. Designed for the adventurous and lightweight traveller, The Flak Sack boasts anti-theft features like RFID-blocking technology, cut-proof material, and the ability to be locked to anything. It’s obvious that this bag is exceptional because of the quality and convenience it brings to travelers.

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