Lewis N. Clark Secura Anti-theft Commuter Shoulder Bag: A Well-priced, All-purpose Option for Travelers and Commuters Alike

/Lewis N. Clark Secura Anti-theft Commuter Shoulder Bag: A Well-priced, All-purpose Option for Travelers and Commuters Alike

Lewis N. Clark Secura Anti-theft Commuter Shoulder Bag: A Well-priced, All-purpose Option for Travelers and Commuters Alike

Durable with an unobtrusive but sharp design and plenty of hidden features, this is one versatile regular-use, anti-theft bag

The Product

The Lewis N. Clark Secura Anti-theft Commuter Shoulder Bag is very well suited for all levels of activity while traveling. The Lewis N. Clark company was born from a love of the early explorers of its namesake, and their products, especially the Secura line, reflect that adventurous spirit. This bag includes the standard travel, anti-theft features all combined in a stylish, outdoor-friendly design.

Materials and Highlights

  • Slash-resistant exterior and strap
  • Compact and convenient dimensions within standard carry-on requirements, 6” x 8” x 2”
  • Lightweight, water-resistant, nylon exterior in four stylish colors
  • RFID-protected cardholder
  • Swivel and locking hardware
  • Inward-facing zippers

Simply Safe Checklist

Water resistance
RFID blocking

Thief Frustration Meter

Bag Slasher
Snatch Thief
Electronic Thief

Fashion Meter (1 to 3)



This shoulder bag, labeled a “commuter bag” is a good travel companion for the adventurous spirit. Does your next trip include pedal boating in Boston? Or maybe a hike along the rainy Irish cliffs? The Lewis N. Clark Secura bag is flexible enough for these tasks, and while it’s probably better for somewhat more developed areas, it will still do admirable on rougher streets, just hold it close.

It fits snugly on your hip at an easy to reach and adjustable level. Made of specifically designed, lightweight materials it won’t slow you down on those extended tours around the Coliseum and it won’t get in the way during the even more active parts of your trip, like a spontaneous bike ride.

Main Features

Don’t worry about being caught unprepared. This bag will help you stay comfortable and secure even while adventuring outdoors.

The features of this convenient travel bag can protect you from:

  • Pickpockets and digital thieves
  • Sore shoulder from too heavy materials
  • Wet or soggy items
  • Inconvenient or awkward positioning on the body
  • Accidental damage if you use a warranty, such as from Amazon

This bag combines a lot of great features for the more active traveler. Or simply the more spontaneous. This durable, compact bag lets you adjust your plans last minute and frees you from that nagging worry that you’re not properly equipped for that spur of the moment tour, hike, or bike ride along the beach.

Unexpected additions to a trip can often create some of the most memorable moments. While in the Netherlands, my friend and her friend decided on a whim to rent bicycles and pedal 10 miles to a town known for their pancakes. Along those flat expanses of Dutch countryside they passed aqueducts, tulip fields, and windmills one never would have seen otherwise. She said the sense of freedom they felt flying along that bike path has been unparalleled ever since.

If you do plan on enjoying outdoor activities while traveling you may want to consider purchasing Accident Protection with your bag, exclusively through Amazon. With 2- and 4-year options at very affordable prices, you can protect you bag against broken zippers, torn fabric, and even stains. This additional feature can bring you even further peace of mind while you’re away from home.


The best part of this bag is its versatility. Not only is it stylish for nights out on the town but it’s also water-resistant and durable for all your outdoor activities.

This is especially good news when a water-damaged passport could hinder your travel and require a replacement.

This is an exceedingly organized bag as well. With internal cardholder, key ring, and designated passport pocket, this bag has a place for everything you’ll need for day-to-day travel.

Lewis N. Clark also has a strong selection of additional outdoor gear and travel accessories to compliment this shoulder bag and ensure your trip is safe and successful. They sell very affordable and compact dry bags, waterproof floating pouches, compression packers and 3-1-1 approved toiletry cases. They even have eye masks, neck pillows, and adapter plugs making them a virtual one-stop-shop for all your travel needs.

How it Stacks Up

Unlike similar bags that have full RFID panels, this one only protects against radio frequencies in the cardholder section meaning that if you chose to use your own wallet it might be possible to digitally steal your information. But that won’t be an issue if you plan to use the built in cardholder, making room for more travel gear or souvenirs in the main compartment.

On the bright side, it has a stronger strap than most other travel bags with a stainless steel cable running the length of the interior of the shoulder strap. This makes it virtually impossible for a pickpocket to slash through the strap. Most similar bags have slash resistant material but lack that stainless steel spine.

Another plus is that at the mid-range of the price point for anti-theft travel purses, this bag won’t break the bank before you even leave for your trip. Its unisex design and basic colors make it fine for men or women, and women may opt for is as a cheaper option to something such as the Travelon satchel purse.


The price is can be higher than low-end products, though it’s quite justified considering the quality and style. And for the extra layer of defense that it provides through its slash-proof panels and straps it seems well worth it.

The Skinny

Created for top protection, this bag is perfect for daily use as you commute to work or go for a night out with friends. Its innovative anti-theft technology and RFID-blocking protection ensure safety everywhere you go.

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