Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Tailored Satchel Travel Purse

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The Product:

The Travelon Women’s Anti-Theft Tailored Satchel Travel Purse (item #: 43197 580) (see it on Amazon) is a surprisingly sophisticated and stylish piece of protective travel gear for women. It’s small enough to be carried over the shoulder yet spacious enough to store all your valuables.

  • Nylon twill with polyester lining
  • Slash-resistant body panels and shoulder straps
  • 25″ x 10″ x 4″
  • 1 lb, 2 oz
  • Locking main compartment
  • RFID-protected passport and card slots, open-top wall pocket, zip wall pocket, and pen loop in main compartment
  • Locking front pocket
  • Rear zip pocket
  • Fits tablets
  • Tethered key clip w/LED light


Travelon is a manufacturer known for creating bags with innovative anti-theft technology. They created this purse for women who want peace of mind and convenience. It’s extremely versatile and can be used as a day bag or a weekend tote. It comes in a classy and efficient design that can be worn during the week or during weekend excursions.

Best for women on the go, this bag is sure to keep your valuables guarded.

Main Features

Providing full anti-theft features, it offers a slash-resistant body construction which extends to its adjustable strap. This prevents thieves from slicing through your purse and running away with your belongings. To protect your passport, credit card and other key cards, it has a built-in RFID blocking pocket. It is compact yet spacious enough to fit your sweater, hat, purse, and even documents.

For instance, when you need to find knickknacks lost in the crevices of your bag, a tethered key clip is attached on the side with a small LED flashlight. Once you close the zippers, you can amp up the protection with its interlocking feature. Apart from being functional, it has a sleek and modern design that comes in a variety of colors including garnet, sapphire, and onyx.


As innovations and advancements progress faster and better, people try to keep up with ongoing improvements. Unfortunately, this applies to thieves who also become smarter and more cunning. ABC News in Australia reported a case of identity theft from a stolen driver’s license.  

The victim was a woman in her forties, who lived in a small town in New South Wales. Unfortunately, her details were used to apply for loans.  This was done through the information obtained from her driver’s license. Imagine, one small card changed her entire life.

One can never be fully careful but it helps to try. Travelon’s RFID feature is a good way to start. With the rise of digital theft cases, this safety component in its Tailored Satchel Travel Purse creates peace of mind. It blocks signals from machines that are used to capture data from passport, credit cards, driver’s license and other key cards. Their slash-proof stainless steel panels cover the entire bag ensuring utmost protection as you traverse busy streets. Their interlocking zippers boost safety and defense from unscrupulous thieves.

How it Stacks Up

Some bags with the same features as Travelon are Pacsafe’s Intasafe Z400 anti-theft shoulder bag and Suvelle’s RFID Expandable Travel Convertible Crossbody Bag.

All are designed for utmost safety while working during the week or traveling during weekends. Perfect for women who want fashion, comfort and convenience, these bags are great options regardless of budget and need.

For those looking for a more modern and sophisticated feel, Travelon is your best bet as it comes in a sleek and classic design that you can use for work, date or a night out with friends. It looks posh with its tailored finish yet not too flashy to attract unwanted attention. On the other hand, Suvelle offers a more basic design that is reminiscent of classic Gucci bags without the flair. It gives off a young and hip feel with its adjustable strap that converts into a satchel. This is ideal for days when you are off to attend class, run errands or simply take a long walk in the park.

It comes in different colors such as black, navy blue, grey and purple. Finally, if you are looking for an efficient and minimalistic design then Pacsafe is perfect for you. Offering practicality and protection, it is designed to mimic a messenger bag that comes in black color. Popular with backpackers and jetsetters, this bag comes in a very basic design that gives off a humble appeal perfect for times when you traverse busy streets or unfamiliar alleyways.

For all three brands, nylon is used in manufacturing these shoulder bags as it is a sturdy material proven to hold your belongings in place. However, Suvelle goes a step beyond by providing a waterproof feature unlike Travelon’s Anti-Theft Tailored Satchel Travel Purse and Pacsafe’s Intasafe Z400 anti-theft shoulder bag. They do, however, compensate for it by embedding innovative anti-slash panels made of flexible and lightweight stainless steel that are meshed with their nylon base. This extends to the adjustable body straps making sure that thieves are unable to slice any part of your bag. For optimum security, all bags offer RFID pockets to protect information from digital skimming.

This is extremely important especially in today’s world where the line between public and private information is blurred by the growth of technological innovations and the popularity of social media. To amp up protection, Travelon and Pacsafe provide interlocking zipper features which prevent thieves from opening your bag and running away with your valuables. This is surely a useful feature especially in instances where you find yourself engrossed in conversation while in a bar, shop or restaurant. Unfortunately, Suvelle doesn’t offer that extra layer of protection.

All bags compete head-to-head, offering the same features and goals. However, some have extra features that are not offered by others. Ultimately, it all depends on the intention of use.


The price is almost twice as much as some of its counterparts. However, for the extra layer of defense that it provides through its slash-proof panels and straps then it may be worth it.

The Skinny

Created for ultimate protection, this bag is perfect for daily use as you commute to work or go for a night out with friends. Its innovative anti-theft technology and RFID blocking protection ensure safety everywhere you go.

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