Pacsafe Metrosafe LS140 Anti-Theft Compact Shoulder Bag

4.0 rating

The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS140 anti-theft compact shoulder bag is a really versatile travel bag with a low profile, and not too expensive.

It’s mainly  made of nylon fabric with embedded eXomesh slashguard to protect your stuff from theft. This 5-liter bag can store all your valuables and still maintain its lightweight feature, giving you the freedom to move around.

It’s a reliable, if un-glamorous, travel bag that will do you right 24/7, and let you keep a pretty low profile.

Size: (H x W x D): 7.48 x 9.45 x 3.94 in / 19 x 24 x 10 cm


Pacsafe is a travel brand known for creating innovative designs that incorporate anti-theft technology. They created this compact shoulder bag for easy storage of valuables while traveling and sightseeing. It comes in a neutral design with different colors such as black, pine green, sandstone and vintage red.

Main Features

Manufactured with protection in mind, this bag has a built-in eXomesh slashguard which is a flexible, lightweight stainless steel wire mesh that prevents slashing and theft. This carry-safe slashguard feature extends to the shoulder strap to prevent thieves from slicing through the bag. It is lightweight and compact which makes it perfect for excursions.

For optimum storage, it provides compartments. Pockets are available for important items such as phone, wallet and other knickknacks. For gadgets, a padded sleeve is available that is big enough to fit a tablet or iPad.

As an extra layer of protection, it comes with an RFID pocket to prevent data skimming of passports, credit cards, and key cards. It also comes with a security clip and a smart zipper security feature for extra security. A lock security hook is also provided, allowing it to be locked under a chair or table.


This bag is created especially for scenarios where you will be in crowded spots. This is perfect when traveling to tourist destinations like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and the Champs-Elysées which have been identified by the U.S. Embassy as major areas which are likely to get pickpocketed. You can read up more on their site.

Same goes for the metro, ATM machines, and even restaurants and bars. General precaution and mindfulness are key. However, there are instances when you absentmindedly let down your guard and this is where the bag comes in handy.

When it comes to safety, Pacsafe is a frontrunner.  Their proven anti-theft technology gives you peace of mind as you traverse the city’s busy streets. To keep up with innovations of our digital age, their RFID blocking pocket protects your data from ruthless scammers. I also love their smart zipper security feature which prevents anyone from opening your bag and stealing your valuables.

Their lock security hook is also a great feature for times when you want to lay your bag. This is especially handy for instances when you want to shop, rest or dine. There have been cases where CCTV cameras captured unscrupulous individuals stealing bags that are strapped against a chair, bench or table.

One may argue that it is the owner’s responsibility to take care of his or her belongings and rightfully so!  Yet there are times when we get too engrossed in our food, conversation or activity that we forget to watch over our stuff.

This happened to a friend of mine while touring in Spain. He sat down on a chair, placed his bag by his foot as he read the newspaper. Five minutes went by when a lady sitting next to her asked if he had a backpack with him. He looked down and it was gone! Thankfully, he managed to retrieve his bag but needless to say, he never let go of it after that.

How it Stacks Up

Some of its competitors include Secura Anti-Theft Commuter Bag by Lewis N Clark and Travelon’s  Anti-Theft Classic Small Tour Bag.

In terms of price, it is good to note that all are within the same price range. They also have similar objectives which is convenience and protection during commute or travel.

Design-wise, they all have a sleek and basic exterior. Secura bag comes in either orange or red while Travelon is only available in black. Pacsafe offers more options in black, pine green, sandstone and vintage red.

All come with slash-resistant straps and body panels for ultimate protection. Made of equally durable materials, Secura and Pacsafe are both made of nylon while Travelon is made of polyester.

However, Secura’s waterproof feature is a distinguishing factor. For extra protection, they all have interlocking zippers although Pacsafe goes an extra mile with its lock security hook. For storage, all have compartments that can fit valuables, cables and other knickknacks.

However, Pacsafe’s tablet sleeve is especially useful for those who carry their tablets.


Design takes a back seat as safety is prioritized for this bag. Additional pockets could come in handy, especially if it used as a day bag. Furthermore, a waterproof feature could also be useful especially if it is to be used for commuting. However, for the price and security that it offers, these can be overlooked as basic necessities are covered.

The Skinny

Whether you ‘e commuting, sightseeing, or running errands, this bag is proven to be useful because of its anti-theft technology and lightweight component. It allows for mobility while ensuring the safety of your belongings.

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