I’m Adam. I was born in the Boston area, US, and I’ve spent extended time studying, working, and of course just traveling in a number of countries. I decided to make my home in Japan because I greatly value safety. Japan is amazing safe. You can lose your wallet and you’re virtually guaranteed someone will turn it in and you’ll get it back without a single item or bill missing. You can leave your MacBook on a cafe table for half an hour, go out, walk around a bit, come back, and it’ll be right where you left it. I know this because I spend plenty of time working in cafes. But when I head out the “real world” beyond the ultra-safe shores of Japan, boy do I get a slap in the face.

Especially when I travel to developing economies, I quickly have to get my wits about me and put up my radar. Living in Japan, I simply do not ever worry about my personal safety at any time of day in any neighborhood. Yet with a few exceptions, one has to put some thought into staying aware at night, and even in the day. It’s best you don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket. In many places it’s best not to wear a nice watch or clothing unless you’re within the safe confines of, for instance, someone’s home or a nice shopping mall. Moreover, in many countries and cities, it’s not advisable to carry more than just enough cash, and it may even be best to have a second wallet because pickpocketing is so rampant.

When I go to Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippines, even certain parts of the US, I need to stop being that carefree untouchable airhead I can be in Japan. Safety is important to me. I hate having my stuff stolen. I also have having people see me as a target. Of course, in much of the world they don’t know me as anything other than a walking, white-skinned, foreign dollar sign. So naturally I make for a good target. However, because I do keep my wits about me, take ample precautions, walk with confidence, keep in good shape, and use safe and trusty anti-theft gear, I have seldom been robbed. Some people say I’m overly cautious. Maybe, but I’ve still got my money and my stuff.

I give generously to the poor, I have worked in charities, I do my bit for the world. I like to give back to society when and as I choose. I created this site to share ideas for keeping safe both when traveling and perhaps even in our own neighborhoods. I provide ideas on avoiding danger, dealing with challenging situations, and equipping ourselves with the best anti-theft gear we can. There is an increasing amount of technologically advances and very effective stuff available and on this site I aim to give thorough reviews so people can, as I do, keep their stuff from getting stolen.

Disclosure: This is an informational site with entirely original and free/ungated content and may also contain links to affiliated contented, such as in product recommendations.

Thank you for visiting and let’s stay safe out there!


SimplySafeTravel - Adam